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The Invasion Continues…

So “IT” finally learned a trick!! I taught him how to roll over. I do not need to roll over all the way since they rub my belly half way through the roll. And belly rubs are the best. Also “IT” is eating some new stuff now. “IT” tastes like rice and oatmeal that my mommy “drops” for me while daddy isn’t looking. STILL NO CHEERIOS!!! Mommy says veggies and fruits are coming… OMG has it been hot! My mommy has been giving me frozen smoothies (apple is my favorite). I have to eat them outside for now, but I am saving up for a Happy Lapper so I won’t make a mess and can eat my smoothies inside. They...

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Lexi’s Kitchen Duties

The squirrels and rabbits have gone into hiding over the winter, Thus I have focused my attention to the interior of the headquarters. The new private is fully mobile and almost has bipedal locomotion down. It has been difficult for Zoe and I as the officers have set up barricades throughout the headquarters to quarantine it to the recreational area. It is OK though, we have our established posts next to the TV with an unrestricted view of the area. The barriers, as I have learned, are just temporary. Zoe has not adjusted well to the barricades, but if a stick is in her way she will not walk around it. As for kitchen duties Zoe has been slacking in...

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Lexi and the Infiltration

 I was doing some recon out the window of the back door, and I noticed one of the chipmunks scouting out the house. I think he was trying to figure out how to infiltrate our dwelling. Then the male officer opens the back door. I pursued the scout on a chase all over the yard. The chipmunk slipped past me, Zoe, and the male officer. It broke through the defenses and entered the HQ. It cornered the female general in officer’s dining room. The male officer left Zoe and I out back to protect the back yard, then he blocked off the kitchen while the female general barricaded all other exits. Then in a move I would have never...

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Lexi’s Visit to the PHA

Under official protest I was ordered to go to my PHA (my annual health check-up). I display many physical feats and tests of my endurance on a daily basis. I am always the first one to enter the transport vehicle. I can outrun both of my C.O.s in a foot race. I am the only one that jumps over the back side of the couch to lay on it. Why do I have to go to the vet? I am a perfect example of health. It is not that I am scared of the shots. (well, kinda) Who really wants a sharp metal instrument injecting some liquid into you? “They” say it is medicine, but I never get sick. I...

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Update to the Invasion

I was talking with the other dogs in the neighborhood. They were telling me that this thing will start throwing food. They are telling me a Cheerios? I have buddy-ohs, but what is “Cheer?” All this thing has done is wake me up and delay my belly rubs. I am not complaining, the belly rub count is waaaay up now that my mom can bend over or get on the floor. Before, her belly was really big. What happened to it? Any way about this thing that has entered our house and MY STORE!!! When people come in I greet them right away with my usual bark then let them scratch my ears or roll over for my belly rub....

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