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Lexi: 1 Chipmunks: -2

The decision to promote the chipmunks to a leadership role will be the down fall of the insurgents. Earlier this week they attempted to send a scout to perform a reconnaissance mission. The attempt to “bug” our house with their fly scout was quickly squashed right against the window as it was trying to relay the intelligence it gathered. At 1400 hours I was granted access to the front perimeter, while the male lieutenant was discussing important matters with the young man who keeps the grass short for me. While out on a short perimeter patrol, I encountered one of the chipmunk Generals. It tried using many evasive maneuvers, however I (and again I alone) was able to track and...

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Three Months After the Invasion

OK, it has been three months since the invasion, and I don’t know why people thought the two-legged thing would be a big deal. At the shop, I am getting all the belly rubs, and treats. IT doesn’t get any. IT is eating the same thing, all day every day. Last night I had Surf N’ Turf and this morning I had Beef Frittata. Although, ITS hands and head do taste like mommy and daddy. I am a bit jealous though, IT gets carried around or pushed in some kind of small carriage. I would like to be carried everywhere, the last time daddy tried that he said I was going on a diet. So, I guess “I will walk.”...

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Lexi’s Initial Recon

My sister is such an Idiot!! Thank dog we are not related by blood. The perimeter is secure at the store. There has not been a squirrel attack or bird fly-overs for many days now. Now, at home is where I am needed!!! There are way more birds and squirrels at our new headquarters than the old one in the city. For example at 0400 hours this morning a rabbit tried to enter the perimeter of our HQ. I and I alone was awake to alert everyone of the eminent danger. My warnings fell on deaf ears. 0430 hours the rabbit re-appeared I alerted the female General in the house to let me go out and secure the perimeter. Again...

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