Lexi: 1 Chipmunks: -2

The decision to promote the chipmunks to a leadership role will be the down fall of the insurgents. Earlier this week they attempted to send a scout to perform a reconnaissance mission.

The attempt to “bug” our house with their fly scout was quickly squashed right against the window as it was trying to relay the intelligence it gathered. At 1400 hours I was granted access to the front perimeter, while the male lieutenant was discussing important matters with the young man who keeps the grass short for me. While out on a short perimeter patrol, I encountered one of the chipmunk Generals. It tried using many evasive maneuvers, however I (and again I alone) was able to track and engage the target. Unfortunately, the enemy was not able to survive my interrogation tactics. The At 1700 hours the following day the insurgents tried to retaliate for their recent loss of one of their Generals, again another fatal mistake for one of the privates.

Zoe’s training is almost complete while I escorted her on a routine patrol we encountered an enemy aircraft in the no-fly zone. Zoe engaged the target and while she didn’t ground the bird she did get it out of the no-fly zone. With the warmer temperatures coming we are expecting to see a greater number of lizards and geckos trying to enter the headquarters. We did suffer from some personal losses since my last report. The female general lost two strawberries to the birds. But not to worry my kibble and treats were kept secure inside HQ. The male lost a dill plant to the rabbits. It is his own fault; he doesn’t listen to me when I warn him in the middle of the night. The tiny human has not showed any interest in learning how to defend HQ. I am hoping he will join me in my fight.

Roll over and out


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