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My name is Michelle Bielen, owner of Uptown Pups. Uptown Pups began over 10 years while I was living in downtown Atlanta with my two dogs, Lexi and Zoe. Lexi and Zoe, to say the least, were picky and very spoiled. I was having a hard time finding toys to keep their interests. Lexi, a Brittany Spaniel, was very active and got bored with just plain old dog toys. Whereas Zoe, a Golden Retriever, was the exact opposite and would do everything in her power to destroy any toy that gets in her way.

Living in downtown Atlanta, brought with it wonderful perks such as weekends in the park, taking my dogs to outdoor restaurants, and going to weekend festivals. It also brought to my attention the special needs city dogs and their owners have. When I started doing some research, I came across some great products to spoil my pups, but I could not find one place to buy them all. Frustrated with the lack of options, I decided to open a retail store to help people like me find fun, unique, and affordable products for both city and suburban dogs.

The mainstay of my product line is the trendy reversible bandana which comes in an assortment of color choices. The reversible, clip-on bandanas were inspired by and originally made by my grandmother. We loved having bandanas for our dogs, but we got tired of them falling off or the knot getting so tight we had to cut them off. So, we thought "what if they clipped on?" and after they clipped on "what about the other side?" Frustrated with not finding what we wanted, our family created our one-of-a-kind reversible dog bandanas.

These days, Lexi and Zoe have passed onto dog heaven, and my family has grown to include a wonderful husband, two kids, and two new fur babies, Gus and Luna. Thank you for helping me do what I love every day.



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