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Uptown Pups is a family owned independent pet boutique specializing in products for canines. We expanded into wholesale & manufacturing with our one-of-a-kind, clip-on reversible bandanas.

As independent retail store owners, we found our bandanas help fill the void in the industry which ignores fashion in medium to extra-large dogs. For all the owners that want to add style and flair to their pet, our bandanas are an outstanding alternative to clothing or a single sided bandana that only last for a short time because they fall off or have to be cut off your dog. Our reversible bandanas were originally the brainchild of a family discussion on fashion for our own pups. The original ones were sewn by Michelle's grandma and sold in our retail location. Now we want to bring this wonderful product to other pet owners so they can see for themselves what a great product we have created.

Our unique hands-free waste carrier, the Doggie Did, is a must for dog walkers! Ever wish you had a third hand while you're out walking your dog! One to hold the leash, one to answer your phone, and one to hold the bag of your dogs buisness? Well with the Doggie Did now you do! Simply attach the Doggie Did to any standard leash or retractable leash, and after you bag your dogs poop slip it through, tie a knot, and you're ready to go. Your bag or multiple bags will hang from your leash for the rest of your walk. 

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