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My life has changed considerably over the past year, (it felt like 7 years). BUT is has all been worth it!!! I GOT CHEERIOS!!!! Now, how do I describe the circles of greatness that are cheerios? While I have now had many varieties of them (I did not know there were so many) I am unable to choose my favorite. It is like picking your favorite puppy, favorite spot to dig, or the best ear to have scratched. I can not convey in mere words my new love of cheerios. Thus, I have compiled a series of haiku's Cheerios, dear dogCheerios, where have you been?Cheerios, Thank dog! Cheerios, at last…Cheerios, worth the waitCheerios = HAPPY!!! Round circles of hopeTo drop...

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On Strike Because of the Invasion

Since IT is now fully mobile my mommy and daddy have brought a bunch of new toys for me to play with (or at least I thought so). IT is always playing with my toys and I am never allowed to play with ITs. Granted Mommy yells at IT way more than she yells at me when we play with each other’s toys. Oh, IT finally has teeth!! So food has been everywhere, BUT I AM ON STIRKE!!! I have been promised cheerios and I am still yet to get any. Cheddar cheese goldfish are a good substitute, but I want to know why cheerios are so great. All the other dogs that have come into the shop that have...

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The Invasion is on the Move

IT has started to MOVE!! They call it crawling but IT doesn’t move that fast. IT now follows me wherever I go. That’s ok though I like the way IT tastes, and IT sometimes drops little vanilla treats for me, BUT STILL NO CHEERIOS!!! Its hands and face are covered in stuff that taste like my Freezy Pups treats either the Apple or the Sweet Potato. One time my mommy let me clean IT off after IT finished eating sweet potatoes. Even though I MADE SURE IT was clean my daddy still gave IT a bath. My mommy gave me and Lexi our new bandanas. I am so happy that other pups all over the country are dressing like me...

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The Invasion is Teething

So IT is teething right now. I have tried to tell my mommy and daddy to give him bully sticks. I have given IT all of my toys to chew on and IT won’t play with them. IT will not stop crying!!! IT is keeping my daddy up at night. I secretly love daddy being because I get the rest of my bed to myself. I don’t have to share the big bed with him. I don’t mind sharing with my mommy (she doesn’t take up much space or SNORE!!!) My daddy still hasn’t house broken IT yet. My mommy says Cheerios are coming soon!!! I still don’t know what they are, but the new mushy food on IT’s face...

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