The Invasion is Teething

So IT is teething right now. I have tried to tell my mommy and daddy to give him bully sticks. I have given IT all of my toys to chew on and IT won’t play with them. IT will not stop crying!!!

IT is keeping my daddy up at night. I secretly love daddy being because I get the rest of my bed to myself. I don’t have to share the big bed with him. I don’t mind sharing with my mommy (she doesn’t take up much space or SNORE!!!) My daddy still hasn’t house broken IT yet.

My mommy says Cheerios are coming soon!!! I still don’t know what they are, but the new mushy food on IT’s face tastes great. (still doesn’t beat my Pork and Peas)

Oh, I should have never taught IT to roll over!!! IT is rolling all over the place. My mommy puts IT down on the carpet to play with me in one place, IT rolls around chasing me. Mommy lets IT pet me and that is kinda nice. But seriously what are CHEERIOS?

Peace, Love, and Belly Rubs…


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