My life has changed considerably over the past year, (it felt like 7 years). BUT is has all been worth it!!!


Now, how do I describe the circles of greatness that are cheerios? While I have now had many varieties of them (I did not know there were so many) I am unable to choose my favorite. It is like picking your favorite puppy, favorite spot to dig, or the best ear to have scratched. I can not convey in mere words my new love of cheerios. Thus, I have compiled a series of haiku's

Cheerios, dear dog
Cheerios, where have you been?
Cheerios, Thank dog!

Cheerios, at last…
Cheerios, worth the wait
Cheerios = HAPPY!!!

Round circles of hope
To drop on the floor from IT
On the floor for me

Peace, Love, and Belly Rubs,


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