On Strike Because of the Invasion

Since IT is now fully mobile my mommy and daddy have brought a bunch of new toys for me to play with (or at least I thought so). IT is always playing with my toys and I am never allowed to play with ITs. Granted Mommy yells at IT way more than she yells at me when we play with each other’s toys.

Oh, IT finally has teeth!! So food has been everywhere, BUT I AM ON STIRKE!!!

I have been promised cheerios and I am still yet to get any. Cheddar cheese goldfish are a good substitute, but I want to know why cheerios are so great. All the other dogs that have come into the shop that have this THING at home have been telling me how great cheerios are.

As for my kitchen duties that Lexi says I am slacking on… I remind you of my STRIKE!!! No cheerios- NO CLEAN!!!

Since ITS teeth have come in, I have tried giving it my antler to chew on, but Daddy says they are not good for IT to chew on or any pup that doesn’t have grown up teeth like me.

As for the toys, how am I supposed to know which ones are for me and which ones are for it? Ever since I have been here everything on the floor is mine, popcorn, goldfish, taco stuff, and any toy. In my opinion, if it touches the ground = MINE (or Lexi’s, but mostly mine). The only thing I know that is on the ground that is not mine are shoes (learned that the hard way).

But we have had so many good walks lately. My Daddy got us these new lights to put on our collars and he even wears a light too. He calls them Luumis. We have been going on a ton of walks I think it is to show off how good we look. Kayla, (the nice lady who grooms me at work) is awesome.

In case you haven’t heard we were voted the best groomer in Atlanta. How could we not be when we have such pretty models? So Thank you!

Peace, Love, and Belly Rubs,


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