Three Months After the Invasion

OK, it has been three months since the invasion, and I don’t know why people thought the two-legged thing would be a big deal. At the shop, I am getting all the belly rubs, and treats. IT doesn’t get any.

IT is eating the same thing, all day every day. Last night I had Surf N’ Turf and this morning I had Beef Frittata. Although, ITS hands and head do taste like mommy and daddy. I am a bit jealous though, IT gets carried around or pushed in some kind of small carriage. I would like to be carried everywhere, the last time daddy tried that he said I was going on a diet. So, I guess “I will walk.” OMG!!! Lexi is driving me CRA-CRA she is on patrol 24/7. She is not letting me sleep.

Oh!, and speaking of sleep. We are not getting any. I wake up with Mommy and Daddy to help go feed IT. I’ve been told licking ITS face is not putting IT back to sleep. IT is NOT allowed to sleep in my room where I let Mommy and Daddy sleep in my bed. Oh, and when are they going to house train IT, I am sick and tired of smelling that stuff. I go outside like you are supposed to. Any ways I will keep you all posted of my life events as they happen. I am off to go finish off my bully stick.

Peace, Love, and Belly Rubs


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