Lexi’s Visit to the PHA

Under official protest I was ordered to go to my PHA (my annual health check-up). I display many physical feats and tests of my endurance on a daily basis. I am always the first one to enter the transport vehicle. I can outrun both of my C.O.s in a foot race. I am the only one that jumps over the back side of the couch to lay on it. Why do I have to go to the vet?

I am a perfect example of health. It is not that I am scared of the shots. (well, kinda) Who really wants a sharp metal instrument injecting some liquid into you? “They” say it is medicine, but I never get sick.

I think the chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits have conspired against us all. They “create” these vaccines in order to obtain my/our DNA in order to find our weaknesses. To top it all off, Jenna gave me a bath that day too. The clay camouflage I have been painstakingly put on for the last two weeks, GONE!!!! The smells I have rolled in to cover my scent while out on Recon missions, GONE!!!! Now I have to start all over again. Where am I going to find the right smells to roll in again?

Roll over and Out


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