Update to the Invasion

I was talking with the other dogs in the neighborhood. They were telling me that this thing will start throwing food. They are telling me a Cheerios? I have buddy-ohs, but what is “Cheer?” All this thing has done is wake me up and delay my belly rubs. I am not complaining, the belly rub count is waaaay up now that my mom can bend over or get on the floor. Before, her belly was really big. What happened to it?

Any way about this thing that has entered our house and MY STORE!!! When people come in I greet them right away with my usual bark then let them scratch my ears or roll over for my belly rub. People are finally giving me the respect I deserve for running the shop all by myself (Lexi is just security). My dad is on that thing banging away on that board thing. It is pretty neat when he does it. It makes stuff happen on the small TV in front of him. The craziest thing he does is, he holds the small remote thing up to his head and talks to it. He thinks someone else will talk back. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!

But back to that thing in my shop. Daddy pushes it around in that small car thing all the time. He walks around the store always going where I am laying down. Does he not understand “I AM WORKING!!!” However, after the walks for it, It will finally stop whining. Eat, poop, whine, cry, and whimper that is all that thing does. Oh and its toys are horrible!!! No treats come out when it plays with them. My Squirrel Dude gives me treats whenever I play with it. Anyhow I will keep you updated on my quest to figure out why that thing is here at my house and my shop.

Peace, Love, and Belly Rubs…


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