Lexi’s Kitchen Duties

The squirrels and rabbits have gone into hiding over the winter, Thus I have focused my attention to the interior of the headquarters. The new private is fully mobile and almost has bipedal locomotion down.

It has been difficult for Zoe and I as the officers have set up barricades throughout the headquarters to quarantine it to the recreational area. It is OK though, we have our established posts next to the TV with an unrestricted view of the area. The barriers, as I have learned, are just temporary. Zoe has not adjusted well to the barricades, but if a stick is in her way she will not walk around it.

As for kitchen duties Zoe has been slacking in her efforts to clean the Private after it has finished meal time. I have had to “fall on this grenade” in order to keep our platoon on schedule for nightly duties. I am now in charge of making sure the floor area and the Private itself is free from any food debris. I have had to endure countless pasta nights and mashed potatoes.

The best part of it all, the Private and I have a shared love of cheddar cheese goldfish. This has been a bonding tool for both of us. The Private will gladly share them with me and in return I have offered my Surf and Turf, but the General has always stopped the Private in his pursuit of my kibble.

Roll over and out


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