The Invasion Continues…

So “IT” finally learned a trick!! I taught him how to roll over. I do not need to roll over all the way since they rub my belly half way through the roll. And belly rubs are the best. Also “IT” is eating some new stuff now. “IT” tastes like rice and oatmeal that my mommy “drops” for me while daddy isn’t looking. STILL NO CHEERIOS!!! Mommy says veggies and fruits are coming…

OMG has it been hot! My mommy has been giving me frozen smoothies (apple is my favorite). I have to eat them outside for now, but I am saving up for a Happy Lapper so I won’t make a mess and can eat my smoothies inside.

They are getting rid of my mud pit I have been playing in since I moved into my new house. I won’t be able to have my Georgia clay colored sheets, carpet, or rugs anymore.

I am so happy at work, I am meeting all kinds of new friends. My favorite are the two legged puppies that come in and give me treats and belly rubs. Still I haven’t seen “IT” get any treats or belly rubs so I know I am still mommy and daddy’s favorite. OK, well, maybe Lexi and I are tied for the favorite.

My daddy says we are getting new bandanas soon and puppies all over the country are going to have some just like mine, but mommy says that her mommie’s mommy will still make special ones just for me and Lexi. So hopefully next time I post I will be wearing one of my new bandanas.

Peace, Love, and Belly Rubs…


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