26 Bars and a Band Avant Garde Greenday Harness
26 Bars and a Band Avant Garde Greenday Harness

26 Bars and a Band Avant Garde Greenday Harness

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Harnessing Your Dog's Best Walk

Harness is box-stitched on the belt to keep the harness securely in place. With no more tugging at your dog’s neck, the harness is comfortable to wear because the tension is supported through the chest—which helps to reduce the stress put on your dog’s neck. Moreover, the harness is adjustable around the neck and waist for maximum comfort. The soft fabric is lightweight and rain resistant.

Fancy and Functional

Designing with style and function in mind, the redesigned harness has a sewn-in hook and loop belt, which keeps the harness from riding up. The solid belt construction helps ensure that the harness stays securely in place and is easy to adjust. Within each size, the adjustable straps around the neck and girth provide room for your dog’s changing size or weight.

Inside the Comfort Zone

Harness provides comfort and support with even weight distribution and a hook and loop closure. The loop reinforcement that surrounds the torso allows for even distribution of force to help prevent choking or slipping out. Adjustable around the neck and girth, your dog will get a great walk without the pressure or worry of pulling or tugging. Made of soft, light rain-resistant polyester fabric, the durable material can weather the seasons.


Size Length (in) Girth (in)  Neck (in)
X-Small 7 1/2" 15" 11 1/2"
Small 9 1/2" 17 1/2" 13"
Medium 11 1/2" 21" 16 1/2"
13 1/4" 24" 19 3/4"


  • Note that girth and neck are adjustable
  • Length measures along your dog’s backbone from the base of the head to the base of tail
  • Neck is the measurement where your dog’s collar would normally rest
  • Girth, or chest, measures the widest part usually behind the front lengths and around the ribcage.

*Not suitable for dogs that pull excessively 

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